Spike Blackhurst - Sculptor


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During the nineties I had a fascination for tribal body modification, which I heavily researched and was curious to why I had chosen to be pierced and tattooed. My particular interest focused not only on the adornment but the hole it had made and its relationship it had once pierced. The parameters of the skins elasticity and how the weight effected the human canvass became a topic for my sculpting and experimenting.

I cast various piercing paraphernalia in aluminium and bronze scaled up larger from the original sizes you could functionally wear. I began using a wood lathe of which I turned wooden blocks into larger-than-life piercing sculptures. The next process I used was sandcasting, this involved pouring hot molten metal into the various sandboxes. This resulted in the aluminium sculptures having a slight grain appearance and coloured textured surface.

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